15 responses to “Don’t go ’round tonight.”

  1. nebris

    Unfortunately, I’m not too young to remember. Turned 15 that summer and watched it all on the nightly news at the dinner table…and worse things are coming. *sigh*


    1. dmlaenker

      Icon love.

  2. dmlaenker

    This was really quite moving.

  3. hoyvenmayven

    I’ve never paid attention to the lyrics to “Bad Moon Rising.” If someone asked for it at the piano bar, I’m pretty sure I could get through a verse and a chorus just from memory, but I never knew what the song was about and never really cared. Because I hate that song. But now that I’ve read this illuminating post of yours, I can’t decide whether I respect the song now, or hate it more. Or both. What’s up with that jangly uppity major-key melody if the song is so doom and gloom? Sometimes I just don’t get the 60’s.

  4. loose_joints

    I didn’t about that song.
    Haunting post.

  5. threepunchstuff

    This is not as bad as “God Save the Queen” karaoke in Hollywood. Nothing is.

  6. n_by_nw

    There was also this:

    Though your brother’s bound and gagged
    And they’ve chained him to a chair
    Won’t you please come to Chicago
    Just to sing

    And of course, this:

    Tin soldiers and Nixon’s coming
    We’re finally on our own
    This summer I hear the drumming
    Four dead in Ohio

    We’re going to need better than Conor Oberst to hold up to that standard.

  7. sixredcities

    Where are all the good protest songs of today? Things not fucked up enough yet? And no, Green Day does not count.

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