23 responses to “I’m ready for my lolcat, Mr. DeMille”

  1. kasheri
  2. nicholasjamesb
  3. mcbrennan

    Well, this is ridiculous…

    I’m The Muppet Movie at best.

  4. odradak

    Apparently being a lone rogue forever wandering alone in search of my shadow self on the lonely, winding river of life makes me Apocalypse Now.

    Man, I’m like Knight Rider!

    1. daisyhunter

      me too

    2. mr_flippant

      Me double too

  5. autodidactic

    This was my first date movie when I was 14. Eeesh. I remember my date laughed at the old lady getting shot in the head. I remember being very disturbed by that, and by how weirdly attractive fucked-up Willem Dafoe was.

  6. cascadefailure
  7. cordiloquy

    Seems vaguely like something I would’ve seen, but I haven’t. Huh.

  8. mcpino
  9. stimps
    1. stimps
  10. dandysandymae
  11. loose_joints

    I’m Sunset Boulevard AND JFK.
    Apparently I am Kennedy-esque because power increases my sexual options. Huh?

  12. jakeinhartsel

    Gandhi and The Godfather

    Who the hell makes these things up guys waiting to pick guys in the Men’s room at the airport in Minneapolis?

  13. wholesomedick

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