3 responses to “THE DAYTONA 500 MASTER RACE IS ON”

  1. 33mhz

    In related unintentional comedy news involving the EXACT SAME PERSON, he’s also the new face of “Big ‘Mo” candy bars.

  2. troymccluresf

    I was on a message board and someone’s name had “88” at the end. I think he had some conservative views on immigration or something like that, but was otherwise about as normal as you could be. Someone started a thread blasting him for being a Nazi, and 70% of the responses were “88 means skinhead? Huh, never heard that.” I’d never heard of it either.

    So I say, fuck the skinheads. The swastika is going to have a shitty connotation for a long time, but no one even knows about 88, so it makes for a pretty shitty symbol. I say we reclaim it for mathematics!

  3. gths

    I feel tempted to post that Impala ad again.

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