9 responses to “My family is weird”

  1. frozenrhino

    One of my best buddies has a brass boob as a knocker.

    I mean like c-cup sized. And when they cast it, it was apparently colder than the proverbial witch’s tit.

  2. anaisdjuna

    Interesting! :-)

  3. eyeteeth

    I seem to remember an unfinished tenth symphony in Atlas Shrugged, is that the one?

    I think Screenplay is also as the kids say a little genderfuck, unless that’s one of the ones you were thinking of in the first place. Also I didn’t know you had a great-aunt Zelda and she sounds neat!

  4. kasheri

    My mom taught at the local Jr. High and hosted the annual Christmas party for the faculty. They’d have a White Elephant gift game, and there were always at least a few sexually explicit items in the mix. A lot of booze flowed. So when I finally got to Jr. High, I’d sit in a classroom and think, “Oh, you’re the guy who went home with the anatomically correct gingerbread cookie cutters. Didn’t you get really drunk and make out with the drama teacher in my backyard?” As you say, it’s not name-dropping. It just makes aspects of life weird.

  5. tea_cantata

    Am intrigued about your father’s novels – -v please?

  6. poncif

    your father’s novels

    me too. they sound like just my cup of tea.

  7. wholesomedick

    You inherited your father’s prolific gene.

  8. dreamyshade

    hehe, your family sounds excellent.

    mine has written a bunch of books over the years that are a little unremarkable, like “how to sew toys” and “american literature and politics from year xx to year xx” and “technical proceedings of significant but dull research”, but i am still rather proud of them.

  9. jakeinhartsel

    Eubie Blake not a household word. Well may not with my wife and dog, but then she listens to th Kingston Trio and the dog mostly is interested in treats.

    Can you imagine how boring a normal life would be?


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