1. burntcurtis

    They should hire Alan Dershowitz.

    1. burntcurtis

      Whoops, I meant they should hire this guy from Oklahoma State:

  2. threepunchstuff

    A fortuitous beginning for the UCI Donald Bren School of LOL.

  3. marieoroumania


  4. marieoroumania

    Favorite part:

    According to Chemerinsky, Drake asked him to agree to tell the public that the revocation was a mutual decision, but he refused.


  5. kasheri

    They’re planning to locate the law school in my building. We put a lot of work into making our suite welcoming when we moved here a few years ago, so naturally they were eying my office suite for the Dean’s use. So, I suppose I should consider this a win. I really don’t relish being kicked out of my office to make room for the law school.

    The bitter truth is that the Chancellor’s job at UCI is cursed. Egg scandals, willed bodies, liver transplant troubles, law school blunders. I expect Dolores Umbridge to move into the job at any time.

  6. godforesaken

    surely there is a more mediocre candidate out there. congrats, chapman.

    here’s the official word (from http://www.chancellor.uci.edu/)

    Dear Colleagues:

    Over the past several months, UC Irvine has been conducting a
    nationwide search for the founding dean of our school of law. Last
    week, we made an offer to Duke Professor Erwin Chemerinsky, an
    eminent academician, legal scholar and commentator. The offer was
    contingent on approval of the UC Regents, which we expected next

    I subsequently made the very difficult decision that Professor
    Chemerinsky was not the right fit for the dean’s position at UC
    Irvine. I informed him on Sept. 11 that we were rescinding our offer
    and continuing the recruitment process. This matter has been the
    subject of extensive media coverage over the last 24 hours, much of
    which has been characterized by conjecture and hearsay.

    I made a management decision – not an ideological, political or
    personal one – to rescind Professor Chemerinsky’s offer. The decision
    was mine and mine alone. It was not based on donor pressure or
    political pressure; it was based on a culmination of discussions –
    over a period of time – that convinced me we could not effectively
    partner to build a world-class law school at UC Irvine. That is my
    overarching priority.

    My decision was absolutely not based on Professor Chemerinsky’s
    political views; they are, in fact, quite similar to my own. Nor was
    this a matter of “academic freedom.” UC Irvine – and I personally –
    staunchly support and defend freedom of speech and the expression of
    a wide range of viewpoints on our campus; nowhere is this more
    important than at a public university. In fact, there are individuals
    here with political views far more liberal than Professor
    Chemerinsky’s who conduct research, teach and serve in senior
    administrative positions.

    Independent thinking and autonomy are essential qualities that we
    seek in our law school dean. As academic leaders in guiding roles,
    however, we must also strive for a level of objectivity and balance
    that will inspire open discussion and empower our students to be
    courageous in seeking the truth. And we must ensure that our broader
    goals are not overshadowed by issues, personalities and polarization.
    My priority is the long-term success of our law school and this truth
    was fundamental to my decision.

    I am confident that our search process will ultimately result in the
    appointment of a founding dean who will work with my colleagues and
    me to achieve our vision for the law school. I will keep you updated
    as the recruitment process evolves.

    Michael V. Drake, M.D.

  7. godforesaken

    & fwiw, the open letter to chancellor drake: http://www.petitiononline.com/drake1/petition.html

  8. culfinglin

    i can’t say enough good things about my alma mater. sometimes, they make me so proud.

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