10 responses to “Dear joyfulagitator”

  1. eyeteeth

    so glad I am no longer in Wisconsin

  2. brainflak

    Mmmm, baby back…

  3. nosrialleon

    I initially read that as “tailgate PANTIES”, and then…
    decided I didn’t want to know what that meant.

  4. godforesaken

    outsider photoshop. LOL.

  5. kasheri

    I find it deeply, deeply disturbing that The Rib Company uses babies to advertise their baby back ribs. It’s just wrong to a wrongness. I mean, I know they’re really beef or pork or whatever, but they clearly want us to think about cannibalism. WTF?

    1. love_oil

      i looooove eating baby legs. so tender

  6. sakkaranoush

    Babies don’t grill very well. Ew.

    1. joyfulagitator

      Yes much better in a crockpot.

  7. besskeloid

    WARNING Small children can choke on ribs.

    1. besskeloid

      Oops, rong avatar.

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