17 responses to “I keep forgetting to post this”

  1. nom_de_grr

    I saw a pickup that had “GET HER DRUNK THEN GET HER DONE” painted on its read windshield. Classy!

    1. dmlaenker

      That is such a splendid opinion I could just shit.

  2. yoscott

    HEMI? I Hardly knew ‘er!

    1. nom_de_grr

      “YOU’RE Thor? I’m tho thore, I can hardly thit!”

  3. autodidactic

    i apologize in advance to your comments page

    I just had to see it happen.

    1. nosrialleon

      Re: i apologize in advance to your comments page


    2. cataptromancer

      Re: i apologize in advance to your comments page

      Double FTW!

  4. sooz

    hrm id rather be cummin than strokin :P maybe it was his wifes truck

    1. firepower


      1. pbd

        u win

  5. loose_joints

    I love you, C. I just LOL’d at that. I’m going to walk around giggling about that in my head.

    1. torgo_x


      I think that might actually be me giggling
      about that in your head. They say it’s a cellphone network thing, been happening a lot lately.

  6. breezygirl

    At a flea market last weekend I saw a booth with a metric shitload of obnoxious decals for cars and trucks. That’s where they all come from. The Calvin peeing on things was still there in abundance and lots of redneck sayings. HOrRiBLE!

  7. Anonymous

    if you dont get the sticker your a fucking idiot

    1. clayhewes

      If you don’t get a sales manager, I doubt you are going to get the deal this should be on their nametag.

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