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  1. nicholasjamesb

    saw Fairport in 1973 at the Troubador without RT sad to say but with Sandy Denny

    1. salome_st_john

      OK, if you had not not already been one of the super coolest people ever this would totally launch you to that status.

      Sandy Denny!! Fairport!! aahhh

      1. nicholasjamesb

        They played the Troubador for about a week in 1973 because they were recording a live LP- and we all went for two or three of the shows. Back then I knew Albert Lee who was the guitarist for Head Hands and Feet and he had been in band called Fotheringay with Denny so he knew all of them – they drank warm Guiness beer and Swarbrick played the whole gig with a cigarette in his mouth

        1. salome_st_john

          Yes yes, I know Fotheringay! I think I have some of their stuff, or did, somewhere. Oh, neat.

          When she sings Ballad of Easy Rider it makes me want to cry sometimes, it’s so perfect and beautiful. Plus it hits this one particular sad spot in me every time. You know, some songs hit “broken-hearted sad,” some hit “feeling blue and low sad,” others get into “bittersweet sad” or “oh, if only… sad.” Ballad of Easy Rider, though… I’ll have to listen to it and nail what it is, precisely.

          PLUS she covers one of the best Buddy Holly songs ever ever ever. Learning the Game.

  2. nosrialleon

    That’s a very very young RT. Much more blatantly Scottish than usual, as well…

  3. catamorphism

    That was tasty, thx.

    1. besskeloid

      Thanks to your avatar I’ve just Googled Daniel Pinkwater, & now I want to read as many of his works as possible.

      1. catamorphism

        Oh, you must! _The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror_ would be a good starter. Personally I would have been hooked if I’d read his memoir _Chicago Days, Hoboken Nights_ before any of his fiction (although I didn’t and was hooked anyway.)

        1. besskeloid

          Thanks, mister!

  4. maeve66

    Oh, god, I love hippies. And Brit folk. I’ve seen only recent incarnations (and Richard Thompson solo) but I own practically everything. But seeing them in a recorded live performance from 1970? Oh, thank you.

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