18 responses to “global whining”

  1. nosrialleon

    aaaaah aaaah sticky aaaaaah makeitstoooooop!

  2. handstil

    So it’s not just me, right? It really is worse than ever? I thought maybe I was just being a wuss this year but I don’t remember heat like this, in my whole life.

    1. nosrialleon

      No, it’s really really really really really bad. And I LIKE summer.

  3. yoscott

    someone call the whaaaaaambulance!!! Welcome to June, July, August, and September weather here! only jack that humidity up! ;)

    Having a cookout, if you’re going to be sweaty, may as well hop a plane, come over here and have some of my world famous Wasabiyaki chicken kebabs, and tasty tasty beverages made from juniper berries.

    1. judgefudge

      Seriously. WDC/VA weather for the lose.

      1. yoscott

        exactly. we’re lucky to have 3-4 weeks out of the year that are pleasant. thankfully it was close to that today! best. cookout. ever.

  4. mcpino

    at least it’s a dry heat.

  5. sooz

    this summer wasnt so bad until like a week ago.. and now its fucking miserable.. which means its time for it to be over :) yay sweater weather

  6. dr_strych9

    Do I want to know where you obtained that icon? Every time I see you use it, I’m afraid to read the article. (Though, this one was a little less painful, since I live in SFO, where we have the secret summer weather that must not be publicized.)

    It’s almost as frightening as the “I See Asphalt” icon.

  7. jakeinhartsel

    At 4 PM at my hopuse outside Temp. = 55 degrees F.

  8. baconmeteor

    It’s about: thermoregulation

  9. kasheri

    I am a native Orange County girl and I loathe this sort of insane heat. I used to live in MD and it would be 90+ degrees and 90% humidity, and yes that’s even worse, but this is nonetheless a freakin’ nightmare. I keep trying to tell myself, “No, no, you’ve been in worse” but it’s not helping. It’s quite bad enough to qualify as bad. Bleah! (And it makes me uber-cranky!)

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