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  1. travisd

    Wow, how’d she get the HOA to approve that?

    1. salome_st_john

      Seriously. It took me a year and a half just to get air conditioning.

  2. klikitak

    The inside is lined with a lifetime supply of reynolds aluminum foil. Shoo, mafia, SHOO!

  3. kasheri

    The crazy lady owns two homes, and I’m still renting? Bah!

  4. daisyhunter

    Reminds me of the Balboa Island lady

    1. klikitak

      who’s the Balboa Island lady??

      1. daisyhunter

        hopefully this works…


        The article that goes with this pic needs a log in I don’t have. Basically she is a possible schizophrenic religious zealot who believes that that the Village Inn dabbles in child porn, prostitution, etc. It has become a free speech case that has hit the supreme court. My boyfriend’s father used to be her lawyer before she went completely wacko.

        1. klikitak

          Re: hopefully this works…

          Is the village in the divey brick place at the end of Main Street? She just may be on to something, I know some shady characters that used to hang out there. Like my ex-boyfriends father that grabbed for my lady parts more than a few times.

          In all seriousness, that’s amazing. Like, of all the fucked up places in Orange County, she goes after a neighborhoood tavern? I mean HELLOOOOO what about TBN! They probably sell baby foreskins at the frankinsence and myhrr gift shop.

  5. poncif

    you are the best-iconed of any on my flist.

  6. wrecking__ball

    Damned messages from God bringin the property values down…

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