6 responses to “L’ordinateur ne marche pas”

  1. Anonymous

    Most of the time they’re actually just pricks.

  2. alienhand

    So funny.
    I once took my Powerbook in. The display went out and melted a hole in the plastic case near the pivot. Fortunately it didn’t burn my house down.
    They fixed the display, but the melted case wasn’t covered. They assumed I caused it, not the display going out. Huh?

    It wasn’t long after that I gutted all apples from my life.

  3. firepower

    Apple. They seem so nice and friendly until they act like utter douchebags about backing up their junk products. I’ve had better luck getting electronics replaced/refunded with basically everyone. Like , I now refuse to deal with them.

  4. springheel_jack

    To paraphrase Arthur Miller, Macs are designed, but not well designed.

    1. springheel_jack

      I don’t even fuck with the mac store. I go to an ‘authorized’ repair place. They’re not dicks. They’re just slow.

      And everything I have is out of warranty anyway.

  5. srl

    I’ve had lovely luck with my university’s repair shop, which is Apple(care)-authorized, doesn’t whine about my non-Apple RAM or harddrive replacement, and can tell me to bring my machine back when the parts come in rather than sitting on it for 4 days needlessly. I’ve never dealt with the Apple store in meatspace, since I buy refurb laptops from them online. Works pretty well.

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