6 responses to “Hello mudda, hello fadda”

  1. brainflak

    Now I am sad.

  2. halfjack

    I suggest SURVIVOR: EXPOSED! in which infants will be left on mountaintops. As the show progresses, we find out which ones survive, raised by wolves, and return to the city to wreak a terrible vengeance.

    Man that would make an awesome play.

  3. kasheri

    Proof (as though we needed any) that television executives are evil and reality TV is a sign of the end times. They threw these kids into a ghost town by themselves, and they didn’t see it coming that the kids would drink bleach? And what the hell were the parents thinking? Kids are insane. Any parent that doesn’t know that hasn’t been paying attention.

  4. drieuxster

    Oh that is where….

    , Carlos Castaneda, a spokesman for the state labor department, now known as the Department of Workforce Solutions, said Tuesday.

    For those who may not remember dear old Carlos Castaneda from that whole Yanqui Way of Knowledge thingiePooh…. It may yet be time to pull out the old tgattered copies of The Teachings of Don Juan and wonder what sort of Mystico-Religous Experience one is encountering in this truly momentous Moment as we uncover the inner secret of the Sublimely Subliminal Super Secret Message behind this mystical piece of Viral Marketting.

    Ah yes…

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