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  1. nebris

    Off Topic

    Have you heard the one about The John Galt Corporation of the Bronx? =)


    1. firepower

      Re: Off Topic

      Having recently suffered through about a quarter of Atlas Shrugged, that read kind of like an Onion article.

  2. miss_geek

    someone said to me once… “gin makes a man mean.” to which i replied, “no sir, gin makes a man attractive.”

    but lots of people i know just say that gin tastes like pine trees…

    1. maps_or_guitars

      Good Gin makes EVERYTHING attractive.

      Lots of people are a load of Idiot Vodka Zombies.

  3. maps_or_guitars

    Junipero’s real nice for your mertunys, mebbe a little delicate up next to tonic or lime juice. It do have a kick, tho.

  4. handstil

    My grandma was a gin fan. So much so that when I was like 5 I used to ask anyone with a short glass full of ice if they were drinking it. LOLZ. (?)

  5. becauseshewas

    Gin and Soda used to be my “going out” drink. Until I fell over everybody.
    I do enjoy the Henddrick’s, however.

  6. troymccluresf

    Mmm… gin…

    Junipero Gin is made by Anchor Distilling (yes, that Anchor). Have you tried 209 Gin? They make that right next to the ballpark.

    1. dr_strych9

      I’ll be conducting a blind trial this weekend.

  7. kasheri

    Oops, I forgot to get drunk

    I’m a failed drinker. I used to drink mimosas, daiquiris, screwdrivers, strawberry margaritas…then I realized that it was the juice I liked and that I enjoyed all of them a lot more when they were “virgin.” So much for any hope of a wild youth.

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