8 responses to “Thanks, odradak!”

  1. gillen

    I’d be more impressed if they hadn’t changed the lyrics. The whole gender flip was necessary why?

  2. petdance

    I see your Celine and raise you a Shania:

    I guess she kinda sorta maybe counts since she’s married to Mutt Lange.

    Please also note the lyric mangling. “I wanted to run but I always already there”? And what’s with Allison Krauss in her backup band?!?!?

    1. besskeloid

      “I wanted to run but I always already there”?
      And I thought she was all SASSY & had ADDITOOD! And stuff.

  3. fg

    poor bastards in the audience on video. imagine having to explain THAT to your kids.

  4. planetdracula

    I have to say, for a lyric change, Shania’s “he was the best dumb-lookin’ guy I ever seen” is pretty clever

    still, Celine can sing, however cheese-eating her schtick is; Shania’s wretched

  5. yoscott

  6. zebulon_y

    incinerating you now, also


  7. kasheri

    “Unblinking eye of Sauron” is right! The set designer was having a laugh at Celine’s expense, although you’re probably the only other person to have realized it.

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