11 responses to “Patio afternoon (baby shower version)”

  1. becauseshewas

    I like our friends, and you. Lots.

  2. nicholasjamesb

    Leah is gorgeoua

    1. salome_st_john

      well hey, thank you.

  3. becauseshewas

    Oh, the 2nd photo… is Ryan a reflection or in the window (in the 2nd picture)? Either way, GREAT picture!!!

  4. odradak

    1. handstil

      I am officially without words.

      1. salome_st_john

        If I may quote a genius on the YouTube page for this particular video:

        “there is no god”

    2. mcpino

      You may very well burn in Hell for this.

    3. florent

      more cowbell!

  5. handstil

    Leaf headed grandpa, pre-leaf, looking like my dad is about to give him the finger in the second photo!

    1. besskeloid

      I didn’t know Roger Waters was your dad!

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