6 responses to “Area Music Fan Has Question”

  1. judgefudge

    Standing in my agent’s office
    He told me I’d get away with this forever
    That was the best scam of my life

  2. vanbeast

    I hate that song. So much.

    1. mcpino


      1. maeve66

        Thirded, and also, I’ve always wondered WTF with regard to the year. I guesstimated his age around that, too.

        1. hoyvenmayven

          Fourthed. But I have to admit it never occurred to me that Bryan Adams was too young to have experienced 1969 in that manner. DUH.

  3. torgo_x

    Speaking of music

    Speaking of horror-music, I did the thing one should never do:

    I called a Walmart. Namely the one here in town.

    The on-hold music was “Country”, but of a sheer awfulness…
    Lovecraft. Lovecraft.

    Somehow, somehow, there may have been shanais.

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