9 responses to “Major Malfuction”

  1. nosrialleon


    Forgot to carry the 1!

    1. salome_st_john

      subliminal message of the day: blow shit up

      This icon has me mesmerized in the happiest baby seal fin-clappiest way.

      Also, seizures.

  2. jpeace

    I love everything you do for me. This was wonderful.

  3. frozenrhino

    Its a fine line between anomoly and clusterfuck.

  4. changeng

    geez, that was anomalicious!

  5. do_not_lick

    That woman stayed amazingly calm. I wonder if they just prerecord stuff like that, as I can’t imagine any human response to an explosion of that magnitude other than “Holy shit!”.

    1. nebris

      That woman stayed amazingly calm.

      She definitely kept her feces in a linear mode. =)


    2. nightynight

      Totally. I always think that “obviously a major malfunction” re: Challenger is one of the most chilling elements of that footage. AND IT WAS BROADCAST TO THE FAMILIES WHO WERE WATCHING OUTSIDE!!

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