13 responses to “Annals of Commerce: Guess the Food Mistake”

  1. amicablebitch

    a pizza?

  2. microbie

    Damn. I guessed a new variant of Hot Pockets.

  3. florence_craye

    How can you hold that up to eat it without the crust collapsing under the weight of those toppings?

  4. tea_cantata

    Onions twice?

    Garlic pizza sauce sounds rather tasty, actually.

  5. travisd

    Actually it sounds pretty good… But that’s just me.

  6. jamie_miller

    Fuggin’ gross.

  7. brianenigma

    Pancakes! The world needs pancakes with steak, bacon, tomatoes, and onions!

  8. klikitak

    Clever use of food on a stick in the lower right. Ok,kinda.

    1. klikitak

      Left, I meant left damnit!

  9. springheel_jack


  10. kasheri

    Grouse, grouse, grouse

    I guessed they were describing a salad, because it drives me crazy that all the salads sold in restaurants these days are packed with meat. A vegetarian can’t get a salad as a meal anymore because they all have chicken “fingers” or shredded beef on them. You just have to try to talk the server into selling you a side salad even though you’re not ordering any of the meaty main dishes.

  11. Anonymous

    Must admit I was going to say cat or dog food. But then, “tomatoes”, wtf?

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