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  1. do_not_lick
    1. cataptromancer

      Ha! Beat me to it. I was so going to post that.

  2. handstil

    Clearly you require a carrier pigeon!

  3. besskeloid

    *beats head against desk repeatedly on your behalf*

  4. travisd

    Our current expense report system is a mixture of suck and non-suck. They got rid of the need to send in most receipts, except for hotel bills, and things over a surprisingly large dollar value.

    The ones that still have to be sent in, like hotel bills, require that we print out a special cover sheet from within the (java) expense report app, and use it to fax the receipts in — wherein they are converted to images, and a link to said images is mailed to us to verify receipt! The special coverpage includes a helpful barcode to facilitate this.

    They were originally going to also allow electronic submission, but only if you sent it as a multi-page TIFF file. This apparently didn’t work out and soon after release we were told to stop using this. I think that I once tried this, by faxing the documents to my electronic fax box, wherein I then e-mailed the resulting multi-page tiff to the specified address.


  5. mcpino

    technology am wunnerful

    I’m afraid I can’t do that,

  6. eyeteeth

    t svbstitvte i am sending yov a text message inscribed on the shell of a tortoise, expect it by 2024

  7. kasheri

    See, this is why I am no longer technically savvy. It just doesn’t pay. I used to be the techie in any office I worked in. Now I just smuggle stuff home and give it to and, with big, saucer like eyes, ask him to please tie the shoes for the goblins in the machines or whatever bit of tribute they want and make it happen for me. When he does, I am careful to heap praise upon him for his techno-studliness.

  8. pbd


    I make my work pay for e-fax. This helps a little, but there is still the sticking point of having to use a scanner to scan the PDF printout. But, once scanned, you can upload it to your account and fax it electronically. The part that is really cool is that you can have someone else fax you something and you get it as a PDF.

  9. torgo_x


    1) Note to myself: always turn off “dialing rules” and key in the number, with the “1907” or “1818” or whatever before it. Abandon all hope of using the “address book” function or Faxclippy or the WWWWizard or whatever.

    2) I knew Tom Goes To The Mayor was going to be brilliant
    when episode two starts out with someone saying
    “I just wanted to see if you received my e-fax. I can come back later.”

    3) When someone says “print this, fill it out, and fax it back”, I print it out, fill it out, scan it, upload it to a temporary and secret URL on my site, and email them that URL. If they can’t figure out how to print a JPG fullpage in Irfanview or something, or even just drop it on MSWord and zoombledygooble up the “figure box” and hit “print”, then I will say bad bad words to them.

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