23 responses to “Nostalgia and Paperwork: How LJ is like AOL”

  1. maps_or_guitars

    Well said, sir. Have you posted this, in addition, to teh p0warz that be?

  2. dossy

    “With luck it won’t take three years the way it did for AOL.”

    The upside is, if LJ truly is following in AOL’s footsteps, it’ll take years to bleed enough users to make it disappear. :-)

    1. yoscott

      Also, don’t forget the 40 cases of hair gel and 10 kilo’s of cocaine needed to keep their marketing department “afloat” for a week.

  3. ranai

    LJ mess over censorship….


  4. torgo_x


    Ah yes, I have heard of the Good Old Days, when one
    couldn’t discuss breast cancer, because, you know, “BREAST” LOL LOL.

    1. fattmike

      Re: AOL

      But I bet you never knew that the Member Room Virginians Online would regularly be closed because, well, it has the word VIRGIN in it.

      {S iloveaol} < ----- I really wish I still had this sound someplace.

      1. yoscott

        Re: AOL

        that shit never happened under MY watch!! Veronica, I can’t speak for. She was dumber than a sack of wet bricks. The real touchy one was when one of those idiots closed Fibromyalgia Support because they didn’t know what it was.

        working in TOS kicked ass. LJ should hire me to run all their content moderation.

        1. fattmike

          Re: AOL


          I remember that fibro fiasco! What WAS she thinking? Oh, wait :x

          Nice thing was, you did know what you were doing. I miss the good times. And OK, I vote for you for K(evin)B(acon)TOS :D

          Lobby Z has 21 people.
          Lobby Z has 22 people.
          Lobby Z has 23 people.
          Lobby Z has … we’re sorry, the content you’ve requested is not available at this time.

  5. skepticle

    It seems every startup tries to re-invent the wheel and is so narrow as to not take a hint from the history of other companies who had the same issues. My thought here is that LJ probably thinks that the issue they experience are far too complex or unique to look outside the LJ bubble to what has transpired in other businesses.

    Having seen the crest and downfall at the last place I worked (Screenlife), I wonder what it would take for LJ to heed the lessons learned elsewhere.

    My purse smells like gum.
    *getting one in for Random Monday*

  6. la_lisa

    AOL Hollywood Cafe

    I was a regular in the Hollywood Cafe on AOl which was a hotbed of miscreant behavior and some real freaks. There’s a great essay about it in the book Hollywood Interrupted by Brietbart and Ebner. Occasionally some spurned lover or a newbie would start screaming for a TOS person/chat monitor and when the Man would come in and announce themselves with their cheery “hello :)…” instantly the regulars would go into “doyo ubelieve thepenis mighti erthanthes word’ “Yesm ypenismi ghty” “Howmightyy ourpenis/Mightierthantypinger” etc.

    Like how can you TOS 24 people quoting, paraphrasing and poorly typing Bulwer-Lytton?

  7. Sorelle

    Love the Hollywood Cafe chat, I remember all those people too!

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