7 responses to “Now that’s what I call mail fraud”

  1. fattmike

    Not to mention the “postage stamp.”

    Of all the things I’ve heard the U.S. Government and its agencies called, “NON-PROFIT” has never been one of them. Until now.

    1. klikitak

      Nonprofit?! Really, explain this one please guys.

      1. fattmike

        If the United States Government was subject to the same rules as a publicly supported “non-profit” (which is in reality a “not for profit” organization) as it says on the postage paid stamp, it would have been put out of business a long time ago.

        Yet, here we are.

  2. vanbeast

    yeah. We got one of those sent to our house, addressed to the now-deceased former owner.

    It made me really mad. I think I still have it, if I do, I’ll report it too. Rawr.

  3. brianenigma

    What’s inside?

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