9 responses to “Garfield fans who cannot type “garfield””

  1. nebris

    Or up date their journals either. =)


  2. nebris

    And for some reason, this made me think of you. lol


  3. autodidactic

    that’s “bestiality” dear

    It’s like dogfuckers into “beastiality”.

    1. besskeloid

      Re: that’s “bestiality” dear


      1. autodidactic

        Re: that’s “bestiality” dear

        Hey, twinsies!

  4. la_lisa


    i sent you email, but then realized that you wouldnt have recognized my yahoo screen name. Um..duh. It has been a rough week. Thak heavens for ssri

  5. ganatronic

    People who can’t correctly spell sex: http://www.livejournal.com/interests.bml?int=sxe

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