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  1. wholesomedick

    … in a world where prank phone call plots come true…

  2. switchstatement

    this woman actually typed, “the So So Def Family (Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat and Bone Crusher)…”

    sports and pop-music are have really become giant commericals. how lame. i mean, if you’re album revolves around a “product tie-in,” you are a fucking tool. sorry, “twista.”

    1. klikitak

      Fried FUCKING Pickles?!

      Well, we definately know she one one of many ‘Merican’s heading closer to a stroke!

      Favorite Food McDonalds No. 2 go-large, deep-fried dill pickles and any pizza found on a street corner in New York City

  3. firepower

    That article is pretty awesome for ascribing hip-hop cred to Justin Timberlake.

    But best of all there’s the two great tastes that go great together: Jack Daniels and NASCAR.

    1. firepower

      + didn’t you post abt the NRA Wine Club a ways back?

  4. klikitak

    NPR did a special last month on NASCAR targeting “lower-income hispanics”. Looks like they are branching out- I can’t wait for all the shitty tie-ins galore. I hope they get the same ad agency as the US Armed Forces!

  5. cataptromancer

    Now, it’s probably unfair to overplay the violence in hip-hop, BUT for the sake of amusement…imagine if NASCAR feuds got so far that drivers were gunning each other down while in their cars at races. Pretty much everyone stands to gain from that.

    1. vanmojo

      Okay…. now you’ve got my interest…

      I would watch that… better than rusty-spoon-day at the Coliseum…

      mojo sends

  6. gths

    I recall watching some ad on Youtube – I have a feeling it was for Budweiser – that actually depicted this, umm, crossover. Damned if I can find it now, though.

    1. gths

      Found the stupid thing, it was for the Chevy Impala.


      Apply open palm directly to forehead.

  7. Ross Geller

    I wanna ride that car, and you too girl. LOL

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