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  1. srl

    Your blog-comment on the Salon story has a typo in your URL— FYI.

  2. srl

    Speaking of OC, did you ever get around to reading Lisa McGirr’s Suburban Warriors? I feel like I recommended it to you a while back.

    1. threepunchstuff

      Wow. I read that book for my American Govt seminar in grad school, long long time ago. I thought it was great for people who are particularly interested in OC, as I am. There was another book we read in there called Democracy in Suburbia which was a little more behavioral than historical, heavy on stats, but really a fascinating and more generalizable theory of what stuccoland does to you.

      1. srl

        I grew up in Cobb County, Georgia, which is something like Orange County East; McGirr name-drops it as a parallel place to OC in her first 20 pages or so. It’s got all the same contributing factors: defense contracting, white flight, lots of evangelicals, lots of sprawl. There’s a reason I got out.

  3. hoyvenmayven

    Congratulations on the mini-fame!! It’s about time you received some recognition!

  4. do_not_lick

    Not only are you famous, you’re prophetic! Or at least prescient. Certainly smart.

  5. marm0t

    wow, that was a fantastic pull-quote.

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