4 responses to “Physics poetry”

  1. mrhinelander

    Reynold’s Law

    Little whorls have tiny whorls
    That feed on their velocity.
    And those whorls
    Have smaller whorls,
    And so on to viscosity.

  2. firepower

    for all my chemists

    Johnny was a good boy,
    but Johnny is no more
    for what he thought was H2O
    was H2SO4

  3. feisty_robot

    I’ll mourn ya ’til I join ya

    A mosquito was heard to exclaim
    “A chemist has poisoned my brain!”
    The cause of his sorrow
    was para-dichloro

  4. brainflak

    And the monk was immediately enlightened

    I’ve discovered over the years that the ‘prism’ one can be lobbed at someone’s brain like a Zen koan with the pin removed and leave them dazed enough to allow me to make my escape. After which I always think “thanks, Dr. H.”

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