11 responses to “It’s far worse; I upload.”

  1. mcfnord

    yeah public servants

    maybe pennance for having been caught

    note the date and initials

  2. handstil

    I can’t remember where, but I heard that the Boy Scouts have an anti-piracy badge now. Making a sign like this would be one way to get it!

    1. nom_de_grr

      Man, that is way fucked up that that’s a merit badge. I mean, I suppose any youth organization is basically an indoctrination machine, but yuck.

  3. ludickid

    Boy, nothing like doin’ the Man’s work for him.

  4. kafkateer

    Such a cheerful looking sign

    and everything is spelled correctly! One must find a silver lining!


  5. frozenrhino

    This is going down on your PERMANENT RECORD!

    1. brianenigma


      That’s so outdated. They have PERMANENT CDs and PERMANENT MP3s now.

  6. torgo_x


    Quick! Let’s use school networks to illegally
    exchange music!!!
    Let’s do some crimes!!

  7. nightynight

    Christians are also on the anti-download bandwagon. It could be a christian group.

    And not even fundamentalist christians.

    Because it’s ‘stealing’, and there’s that commandment thing.

    I’m currently downloading “I wish” by Skee-lo. Glory be!

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