11 responses to “Return of the trout”

  1. torgo_x


    You sure don’t have to be
    Langston Hughes
    to want a one-way ticket out of Dixie. Gone!

  2. becauseshewas

    Shhh. I’m moving to Mississippi one day.

    Thomas has made interesting observations as of late to the effect of how much more racism seems to exist here than in the south. Interesting.

  3. annie_r

    i live in a different part of NC, where no one is actually from here. not that i talk to them much anyway.

  4. hotelsamurai

    Glad to hear. Bob sounds awesome.

  5. vegemitelover

    While i think it would be quite the adventure to visit Bob living in the South, it would be an even more ultimate experience to tag along with him while he drives back out west.

  6. galensmark

    Dr Light

    Come out come out wherever you are.


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