19 responses to “Theory: We Are All Andy Now”

  1. trinnit

    So could you! We’re all Andy

  2. hweimei
  3. autodidactic

    Got the dark hair down.

  4. fengi

    This explains K-Fed. Completely.

  5. rpkrajewski

    Thank you very much !

  6. mcpino

    I am not Andy.


  7. jessef

    Whoa. Dude. Whoa. I swear, earlier today I was thinking about making a list of “people I know whom I suspect are secretely Andy Kaufman.” A coincidence of this magnitude could only have been arranged by the lizard people.

  8. changeng

    Andy is/was/will be the best. However, Borat is loosely based on a guy in Turkey named Mahir – he’s been at it since late last century. First found out about him from a Mad TV skit years ago and sure enough, the guy exists. http://www.ikissyou.org/

  9. 33mhz

    I like this. The idea that there are thousands upon thousands of Andy Kaufman clones shaping the course of world events is a lot more comforting than the idea that say, people actually write Harry Potter male pregnancy incest fiction as a genuine expression of their love for Harry Potter, male pregnancy, and incest.

    1. camiwoxim

      Why is it that every year thousands upon thousands of young people from all the five continents keep arriving in Taizé in an uninterrupted pilgrimage, week after week.

  10. joyfulagitator

    I am Andy Altschuler, I have the Spooners to prove it!

  11. andrew_kaufman

    If I Faked It

    Please check out “If I Faked It” the reality of Andy Kaufman & Nathan McCoy’s death.
    Thank You

    1. marieoroumania

      Re: If I Faked It

      OH MY GOD, IT’S YOU!

      1. andrew_kaufman

        Re: If I Faked It

        details coming May 17, 2008

  12. Anonymous

    This would make a great Charlie Kaufman screenplay.

    And I’m fairly confident that Charlie Kaufman isn’t Andy Kaufman, because he would have changed his last name.

    Or is that what he wants me to think?

  13. We’ll all be Andy Kaufman soon

    […] Five years ago I revealed that an unknown number of public figures were created as clones of the late great absurdist comedian Andy Kaufman. That article is linked here: Theory: We Are All Andy Now. […]

  14. jenlight

    I am Andy and So Can You!

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