4 responses to “Pynchon: November 21 ship date!”

  1. nosrialleon

    I’m exited, and yet I never made it through Mason & Dixon

  2. handstil

    This is going to be a wild ride, I can’t wait for your reaction.
    It appeals to me, but it’s a bit epic. I’ll let you do the work first. :)

  3. dr_strych9

    I have my copy of Gravity’s Rainbow, but I’ve got a lot of reading ahead of me before I will be able to get to it. Yeah, I know. I should quit my job so I can catch up on all the reading I never managed to do when I was younger. Sigh.

    Didn’t Pynchon select a title for this novel? I thought I heard it when I went looking for it recently. Wikipedia seems to think it will be called Against The Day.

  4. frobisher

    This title will be released on November 21, 2006.

    Shouldn’t that be “untitle”?

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