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  1. eyeteeth

    I cannot tell you how much I look forward to this. To all your points I cry yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Let’s face our fear that the real world might suck and dare to explore it. Let’s dare to mean what we say. Let’s be radically sincere.

  2. leahleaf


  3. halfjack

    Work in the burden inherent in being a democratic citizen and I’m all yours.

  4. kennfusion

    I am right with you….well right up to the part abuot gaming worlds. And then I fail you.

    But still looking forward to this series.

  5. consonantia

    Hey, looking forward to it. :)

  6. fg

    heck yes, guy.

  7. yoscott

    not only am i looking forward to it… i am looking forward to you mocking me somehow in this because i like PBR and video games! actually it would be refreshing if you’d tell me how i suck at this point. I am being totally serious, there is no sarcasm here.

  8. kiteflier98

    I’m really glad I found you and friended you. I’ll be looking forward to these posts.

  9. fengi

    UNO: This makes me think of an unkillable virus in art galleries called SoBIG (for SO Bad It’s Good). It misappropriates the concept of SoBIG films and deliberately misreads DuChamp and using pop and/or minimalist theory to justify lazy, slapdash work. One of the places where these folks get shown up is at art school graduation exhibits, where (contrary to Art School Confidential) the SoBIG kids end up looking sort of pathetic when their metal band logos hastily scribbled on notebook paper are surrounded by work by those who actually attended class.

    TWO: THis also made me think of the following excerpt from a Russell Baker column called “Why Being Serious Is Hard“. Baker goes on to provide a list of solem and serious things (while admitting his essay is solemn).

    By his terms, ironic detachment is solemn, satire and the original definition of irony is serious.

    Taste can be serious or solemn, but letting one’s taste be defined only by one’s idea of fashion and cutural posturing is solemn.

    The distinction between serious and being solemn seems to be vanishing among Americans, just as surely as the distinction between “now” and “presently” and the distinction between liberty and making a mess.
    Being solemn is easy, being serious is hard. You probably have to be born serious, or at least go through and interesting childhood. Children almost always begin by being serious, which is what makes them so entertaining when compared to adults as a class.
    Adults, on the whole, are solemn. The transition from seriousness to solemnity occurs in adolescence, a period when nature, for reasons of her own, plunges people into foolish frivolity. During this period the organism struggle to regain dignity by recovering childhood’s genius for seriousness…one cannot go on toward eternity without some flimsy attempt at dignity. Adolescence will not do. One must at least make the effort to resume childhood’s lost seriousness, and so with the best of intentions, one tries his best, only to end up being vastly, uninterestingly solemn.
    -Russell Baker

    1. torgo_x


      Alan Watts once talked about this same thing, except
      what this guy calls “serious” and “solemn”, he
      called “sincere” and “serious” (respectively! sic!).

  10. cataptromancer

    “Subcultures, fandoms, and gaming worlds are eating a generation of privileged and educated people alive when we could and should be doing well and doing good. Come out of the couch fort and live.”

    Excellently put.

  11. torgo_x

    Stuart Smalley says

    WORK IT!

  12. salome_st_john

    Reason #450837371839 I am so glad you are my friend.

    Also maybe this will inspire me to finally write the thing about similar shit (thing about similar shit being the official industry jargon) that I’ve been threatening to write for foreverrr.


  13. breezygirl

    There’s a place for enjoying things that are so bad they’re good. It isn’t a place called the entire culture.


    1. besskeloid

      That needs to, and will, become a sig.

  14. loose_joints

    I hope this doesn’t fizzle. I look forward to reading what you have to say on the subject.

  15. nickjb

    thank you for this from the bottom of my heart

  16. nosrialleon

    Many have already lept in with some personal takes on your bullet points, and it was my first impulse to do so, too. But I am also looking forward to this and will keep my thoughts to myself until you’ve actually posted the damn thing.

  17. gcrumb

    “I will be didactic, pretentious, and annoyingly prescriptive.

    Good. High time someone did.

    It’s likely that I’ll also be irrelevant and that I will make a fool of myself.

    The former is unlikely and the latter would be a literary first for you, and therefore very unlikely.

    (This is not platitude, nor is it (only) intended as encouragement. It’s agreeing that such an essay is needed, and that you are probably more qualified than most to write it. It may not meet your standards, but it will likely exceed most others’ – which, of course, is the writer’s curse.)

  18. judgefudge

    Manifestos about postmodernism are so passe.

  19. vanmojo

    Phony postmodernism kills. Take the risk of being well-meaning and sincere. A couple of poorly understood Cultural Studies classes does not confer the privilege of detached Godhood.

    Thank You! I was beginning to wonder if I was the last human on Earth that didn’t feel like I was tragically hip/sufficiently doomed enough to live in the 21st Century. Perhaps at some point I’ll rat out my Lit professor from last semester on this score…

    mojo sends

  20. hoyvenmayven

    Wow, I can’t wait to read this. But I’ll be in the cold cold ground before I stop celebrating evil!!

    1. nosrialleon

      well, there’s “annoying the superstitious” evil (which I can totally get behind), and there’s “permanently fucking all mankind for ego gratification” evil, which… not so much.

  21. jodymeme

    If you’d like it published to see it reach thousands of eyes, let me know.

  22. florence_craye

    I also look forward to this!

  23. sissyhips

    Hi – I found you through Anarqueso’s journal and have been scrolling through a few entries, giggling and thinking. This entry made me stop to write because I feel it has the potential to be a brave and painfully relevant work. I was curious if you would be looking at your own tendencies to irony? Do you have them?

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