17 responses to “late night toast thoughts due to SSRI withdrawal without any mahler symphonies at all”

  1. mcfnord

  2. mcbrennan

    Why are all toasters not 0.2 sec flash toasters that throw beautiful perfect computer fuzzy logic adjusted toast back you as soon as you hit the button? What’s holding us back?

    I recognize that the technical aspects would be different, but I have the same question about shower water/hot water in general. Big tanks with flames under ’em producing water of wildly unreliable temperature seems so 1700 to me.

    1. springheel_jack

      On-demand water heating you can get.

  3. handstil

    You said it. I HATE waiting for toast, it feels ridiculous.
    I think toaster makers must be distracted by some other ivention lately. Hmmmm.

  4. judgefudge

    The outer layer of toast is a starch that, despite appearances, has a lot of water in it. Flash cooking will tend to carbonize it. Slower cooking tends to caramelize it. This is the difference between the brownness of toast and the blackness of burnt toast.

  5. mcpino


    My problem is this: why do I always run out of marmalade on the penultimate slice of toast?

  6. besskeloid

    Ah, ‘Toast‘. Probably Paul Young’s finest four minutes.

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