7 responses to “Annals of Family History: Our First War Here”

  1. pilarcruz

    That’s neato. Fortunately for me, my family never throws anything away, and my grandmother is a repository of Leahy family documents. The only price I have to pay is listening to my grandfather talk about how I’m almost 30 and unmarried. Dick.

  2. kiteflier98

    Thank you so much for posting this! It’s always great to get these tips having genealogy for an interest. Those scans are really cool, btw. It’s neat to see how many different signatures there are and how a person’s name could change from the appearance of the writing.

  3. kennfusion

    I see, so this is what they sign for payroll? No wonderthey are so well preserved….proof they paid them.

  4. baconmeteor

    That form has a Y1.8K bug

  5. breezygirl

    Those are really interesting. My aunt has been heavily into genaology for about 10 years now and uncoverned a ton of information. Our family was also very concentrated in the PA area and one line came over with William Penn.

  6. Dawn Fabian

    Thank you for posting this! Jacob was my 7x grandfather and I have never seen these before! So thank you so much!!

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