6 responses to “the boy stood on the burning deck eating peanuts by the peck”

  1. torgo_x


    That Wiki Wales guy sounded relatively smart to me — but this political Wiki idea, ugh, it is to cringe from.

  2. steph99

    Hi there. I’m a stranger. I think someone sent me a link to your post on project managers the other day. Great stuff. Ok if I friend ya?

    You might already know about this guy who is running for senate against Orrin Hatch. Wired had a typically breathless article on his campaign, which includes a wiki through which he has enumberated his base stance on lots of issues, and has opened it up to allow his constituency to participate and help him refine his positions according to the needs/wants/tastes/whims of said constituency. Seems to be proceeding pretty thoughtfully. So he’ll prolly lose.

    Here’s the position-development wiki:

    1. steph99

      erm, *enumerated. I have a lazy-fare stance on proofreading.

  3. besskeloid

    Never mind Duboeuf, what about the fella with the removable skull?

  4. sachmet

    There’s a little liquor store about 20 minutes north of me that’s been selling the 2005 version of that wine (the Beaujolais Nouveau)for $1.50 a bottle with discounts for quantity (5 cases winds up being $1/bottle, for example.)

    I’m not sure, but this could explain part of that price point.

  5. Richard Gee

    The boy stood on burning deck,
    eating peanuts by he peck;
    His father called him
    but he wouldn’t come;
    His pants caught on fire;
    And, boy, did he run!!

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