8 responses to “More Zazzlery: BOB IS LOVE”

  1. springheel_jack

    How are you liking zazzle?

  2. mrhinelander

    Bob is Love, and…

    Bob is love,
    And where true love is,
    Bob himself is there.

  3. petdance

    who is bob?

  4. hersheyjumper


    I can custom make postage stamps???? AWSOME!!!

    (Who is Bob?)

  5. maps_or_guitars

    TELLING you.

    ‘Spose either you or Bob would mind if I cherrypicked some ‘o your Bob-posts for lyrics? I got a tune right now, no words yet, which is dying for the “Tetris for keeps” line.

  6. vegemitelover


    I will be writing a few letters on Friday.

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