fukusuke-pon 福助ぽん

Since winter came, the sweater was worn.

Since he caught a cold last year, I made the sweater to him. It was my socks without necessity. It is a recycling.:P He is pleased very much in this sweater. I show him a sweater. Then, he expects to go to take a walk!!

10 responses to “fukusuke-pon 福助ぽん”

  1. nebris

    Another Sign of The Apocalypse.


  2. childlaborcheap

    i think my brain just shorted out.

  3. changeng

    “It was my socks without necessity.”

    nuff said!

  4. bruisedhips

    I love that image. I also love the nonplussed cupcake bunny, which is my current pick me up Bun.

  5. frobisher

    The weasel still wins.

  6. pandaxian

    Hahaha, this just made my day! That must either be a tiny bunny or a very large sock! A very large sock without necessity!

  7. eyeteeth

    The staring, outward-facing eyes on the narrow head give rabbits an odd resemblance to fish when seen from the front. They’re about as smart as fish, too.

    1. mrhinelander

      It’s all about the fleeing

      Yup, weirds me out, too. Every sensible prey animal has that, the better to be frightened by threats seen panoramically. Fish, chickens, rabbits.

      Unlike the wombat. The wombat enhances its survivability with the niftiest evolution yet–its ARMORED ASS. It lives in a burrow only big enough for itself, and when threatened wedges itself in so its enemy can only BITE ITS ASS which is specially protected for just such an exigency.

  8. hersheyjumper

    *bunny stolen for icon*

  9. jacksweetreveng

    hella mad props out to fukusuke-pon

    we really like him

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