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  1. salome_st_john

    I do? that means more than you know, but then you probably know that.

    yey. thank you.


    Drink note redux: I introduced one half of to Hendrick’s Gin with a slice of cucumber and some (sadly) flat tonic (because I am a spaz) and she is now a fan too.

    ps I stole this from my own myspace:

    ”At the end of what is called ‘the sexual life’ the only love which has lasted is the love that has accepted everything, every disappointment, every failure and every betrayal, which has accepted even the sad fact that in the end there is no desire so deep as the simple desire for companionship.” – Graham Greene

  2. frobisher

    KDE is the devil’s work. Run, save yourself.

    And pick up some of that Macallan on the way. :-)

  3. salome_st_john

    PS – I of course want to know why I rule, because I’m a fucking narcisstic twit, but luckily I’m also tipsy, so I’m going to just pass this off as alcohol-induced rambloing. TYPING IS FUN it’s so hard to not go back and fix those typos but if I don’t it really emphasizews the tipsy part because we KNOW the sober me would never, never, never let typos happen on purpose oh my god hittin the post comment button now

  4. do_not_lick

    If you like Whisky then you might like this:


  5. loose_joints

    Do I get to meet this fabulous person when I’m down? I’m always excited to see new faces when I come to town.

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