46 responses to “Fiction Bits”

  1. miss_geek

    yes please.

  2. theodora


  3. catamorphism

    Sure. In general, any filter you’re ok putting me on, I want to be on.

  4. caladri

    Fiction me harder.

  5. mcbrennan

    Count me in, if that’s okay.

  6. cordiloquy

    ja plz

  7. liquicat


  8. trinx


  9. eris_devotee

    I’d love to read your fiction.

  10. srl


  11. turnip

    I want.

  12. yoscott

    as always, include me in eeeeeverything ;) is this an original Conrad work, or what?

  13. loose_joints

    Yes please.

  14. hersheyjumper

    Sure, sounds fun.

  15. sachmet

    I’d love to be in on that filter.

    Is this stuff you’re posting to post, or are you looking for feedback/constructive comments?

  16. sp0rk0

    I like stuff.

  17. cascadefailure

    always interested….cause…you’re…like…an interesting guy ‘n’ stuff.

  18. eyeteeth

    Yes please.

    I am very excited.

  19. godforesaken


  20. nosrialleon


  21. bruisedhips

    duh! Im so excited about this!

  22. hweimei

    Sure. Bring it.

  23. crucially

    yes please

  24. mcpino

    hey, I’ll read anything you write, pal!

  25. chthonicsiren

    Yep, interested.

  26. fattmike

    Me, me, let me in! I can’t imagine I’ll be much help, but I’d love to read anything you can to share.

    Thank you, my friend!

  27. mrhinelander



    (will be screened)

  28. vanmojo

    Yes please…

    I would be very interested in seeing your fiction stuff…

  29. la_lisa

    You can tell a lot more truth writing fiction than fact…and not get sued. Please add me.

  30. threepunchstuff

    Of course.

  31. odradak


  32. anarqueso

    Fiction me up, man.

  33. trinnit

    Let your inner author emerge!

    If you dont have one, pyschopathic ramblings amuse me too

    Add me

  34. changeng

    chure – fiction gives me the cooties – i likes em!

  35. torgo_x


    FICT ME!

  36. eamajyn


    i’m very excited.

  37. satoribee

    Yes please!

  38. screed

    In case I missed any of these opt-in events, but I prefer unfiltered substitutes, please.

  39. jessef

    Count me in, thanks.

  40. nickjb

    of course I am interested!!

  41. brianenigma

    Consider me commented!

  42. gcrumb

    Me too.

  43. nightynight


  44. hotelsamurai

    count me in!

  45. rance

    Oy, with the filters again! So much to manage.

    OK, count me in.

    You can also include me on the “brain fiction” filter when you start that one.

  46. salome_st_john

    I forgot to say me. But me! Add me!

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