12 responses to “They’re KILLING with LASERS!”

  1. springheel_jack

    Wow! When is the Traditional Publisher releasing it?

    1. spimby

      It’s too controversial to release. THE MAN is keeping LASER KILL down, man.

      1. springheel_jack

        Ah, too bad. It looks like a cracking good read. What with the lasers, and all.

        1. spimby

          They KILL!

  2. besskeloid

    Oi! That cover artwork’s mine, only it was intended for my novel Fucking Hell. Gimme my intellecatul propetry back!!!!1!11!!1

    1. spimby

      I’ve sued you already!

  3. freshwater_pr0n

    Lasers, yay! It’s time for me and all my sockpuppets to get out the vote!

  4. changeng

    I bein wateing all my life for a buk about lasers that kill. I am a Sciencetist too and we have strong thots for daughters.

    And lasers.

    That Kill.

    p.s. pleez make me eet my beens.

  5. ganatronic

    It’s no Real Genius.

    1. eyeteeth

      God, however, still wants you to stop touching yourself.

      1. ganatronic

        Hello, Jesus? He hung up on me.

  6. piratepirate

    Hahahahahaha! No, Mr. Christ. I expect you to die.

    Only Captain Jesus his loyal Holiteers can save the Earth now!

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