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  1. ghost_notes

    Neato; I just recently purchased the book, THEORY OF THE LEISURE CLASS via Amazon.

    1. ghost_notes

      Err, “neato” as in the relative synchronicity of your post name given my recent book purchase. Not neato as in regards to any of the bad stuff you referenced…

      Just clarifying…

  2. changeng

    wow. My experiences in Newport Beach (used to date a girl who’s family owns several properties on two of the islands) are quite similar to your observations. One of the little islands (Newport island) makes a big deal out of halloween, with houses spending lots of money on decorations – one house rents horror movie props (extremely realistic ones) and then whoever is in charge of all this community activity buses in children from poorer local neighborhoods (how local can that be?) to go to the different houses.

    I’m sure the intention is good,, but the thing comes off as sort of crass.

    1. fimmtiu

      buses in children from poorer local neighborhoods (how local can that be?) to go to the different houses…


      I think too much money does bad things to most people’s brains.

  3. besskeloid

    Good luck & GWS, ‘s Mum.

  4. mcbrennan

    I hope your mom’s on the road to a speedy recovery.

  5. loose_joints

    I hope your mom gets well soon. Thoughts and hugs to you and her.

    Excellent observations about Newport. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when are you writing a book? Your writing and reflections on politics, culture, your life and the lives of those around you are always intelligent and very well-crafted.

    When you write it seems like I get to put on the lenses that you see the world through. Most writers, in my untutored opinion, give me a look at picture they have in their heads. It’s different when you write. Instead of looking at your mental impressions, it’s like I get to crawl into your mind and see what you see with your eyes. The view from there is striking. It’s not always pretty or happy, but it always makes me think and more often than that, feel. That, in my opinion, is the best kind of writing.

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