Tonight at work I was watching the NBA finals and saw their scrolling marquee invite viewers to visit the NBA’s Official Weblog.

Two ghastly companies whose websites I visited last week had Company Weblogs.

marm0t has been invited to a Business Blogging Conference.

O’Reilly has gone kookoo for cocoapuffs over “blogging” and is issuing a “Blogging Hacks” book.

People are going into the business of being Blogging Consultants and Blogging Trainers.

A few unpleasant inevitables can now be said to have occurred, namely:

  • Blogging as self-promotion has now become blogging as corporate promotion
  • The usual idiotic blatherati have grabbed on to “blogging” as a reason to go to parties and be cool, and because they’re hooked up, it’s being promoted as a business venture to generate more parties.
  • The result will be that this engaging and amusing hobby will now become a wasteland of pathetic astroturf instead of a wasteland of juvenile yawping with occasional dots of entertaining intelligence.

Grumpy McBitterpants, over and out :-)

8 responses to “SIGN MY GUESTBOOK”

  1. jwz

    “blatherati” is a really good word.

    But I think those parties went away when the VC money went away.

  2. feedle

    The good part is that there will always be hobbyist-oriented blogs. Let ’em have their slick, polished blog sites. We’ll still be here, journaling our lives in LJ and other systems. Like most commercial websites, they’ll just become rusting billboards alongside this Information Superhighway, mere curiosities while people get to where they really want to go.

    Blather, wince, repeat.

  3. rpkrajewski

    Let them have their fun

    But I HATE the word “blog” !

  4. nosrialleon



    1. brianenigma

      Re: bloggle

      …baked beans, blog, blog, and blog.

      1. eyeteeth

        Baked beans are off!

  5. flipzagging

    I’m not sure a corporate blog makes sense. Isn’t that just a newsfeed? The conslutants get to gussy up the term a bit by calling it a blog, and maybe we all have a second look at marketing in the new era of RSS aggregators, but that’s about it. In-house blogs might be useful but would probably wither away in most corporate cultures, they can’t handle a widely-available record of what people were really thinking.

    Just had a thought though… what if megacorps and institutions embrace the web diarist’s informality and accessibility? Think Ari Fleischer replaced by a kittyblogging camwhore.

    > That guy from the Washington Post is so *MEAN* to you!! *HUGS*

    Fluffy sez WUTZ UP BIZAAATCH
    BuSh 2008!!

  6. stimps


    All I know is that we’ll need Mr. Goatse all the more to fill up comments spaces.

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